Show Boat

Major Productions

Below is a list of Broadway, London and touring productions in the database. For a complete list, including regional, click here or at the bottom of the Productions box.

Original Broadway Production (1927)
New York, NY
London Production (1928)
London, England
National Tour (1929)
Broadway Revival (1932)
New York, NY
National Tour (1932)
London Revival (1943)
London, England
Broadway Revival (1946)
New York, NY
Return Engagement (1948)
New York, NY
New York City Opera Revival (1954)
New York, NY
New York City Opera Revival (Return Engagement) (1954)
New York, NY
West Coast Tour (1960)
City Center Revival (1961)
New York, NY
Lincoln Center Revival (1966)
New York, NY
National Tour (1966)
London Revival (1971)
London, England
Touring Revival (1979)
Houston Grand Opera Tour (1982)
Houston, TX
Broadway Revival (1983)
New York, NY
London Revival (1990)
London, England
UK Tour (1990)
Reading (1991)
New York, NY
Broadway Revival (1994)
New York, NY
1st National Tour (1995)
2nd National Tour (1996)
3rd National Tour (1997)
London Production (1998)
London, England
Touring Revival (1999)
London Revival (2006)
London, England
Carnegie Hall Concert (2008)
New York, NY
New York Philharmonic Concert (2014)
New York, NY

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Cut After Pittsburgh

Cut After Washington, D. C.

Cut prior to opening

Added to later versions

Cut from 1929 film version

Added to 1929 film version

Added to 1936 film version

Cut from 1936 film version

Status unknown

Studio Cast Recordings

Recordings listed here were done in the studio specifically to release as recordings. They do not represent cast recordings of a particular production.

Studio Cast (1945)
Stuart Foster, Peggy Mann, Sy Oliver, The Sentamentalists, Tommy Dorsey
Studio Cast (1949)
Bing Crosby, Kenny Baker, Tony Martin, Frances Langford, Lee Wiley
Studio Cast (1949)
Dorothy Kirsten, Robert Merrill
Studio Cast (1951)
Patti Page, Sophie Tucker, Tony Martin, Tony Fontane, Louise Carlisle (ii)
Studio Cast (1953)
Carol Bruce, Helena Bliss, William C. Smith, John Tyres
Studio Cast (1956)
Robert Merrill, Patrice Munsel, Risë Stevens, Katherine Graves, Janet Pavek
Studio Cast (1956)
Studio Cast (1958)
Howard Keel, Anne Jeffreys, Gogi Grant
Studio Cast (1958)
Doreen Hume, Bruce Trent, Mike Sammes Singers
Studio Cast (1959)
Shirley Bassey, Maryls Watters, Don McKay, Inia Te Wiata, Isabelle Lucas
Studio Cast (1959)
Barbara Leigh, Andy Cole, Bryan Johnson (i), Maxine Daniels, Denis Quilley
Studio Cast (1960)
Audrey Marsh, Lee Venora, Richard Torigi
Compilation (1960)
Polly Bergen, Roy Hamilton, Shirley Jones, Earl Wrightson, Lois Hunt
Compilation (1960)
Thelma Carpenter, Robert Russell Bennett, Harry Sosnik
Studio Cast (1960)
Frank Chacksfield
Studio Cast (1961)
Martin Lawrence, Isabelle Lucas, Stella Moray, Donald Scott, Janet Waters
Studio Cast (1962)
John Raitt, Barbara Cook, William Warfield, Anita Darian, Fay DeWitt
Studio Cast (1964)
Richard Fredricks, Rosalind Elias, Anna Moffo, Mary Ellen Pracht, Valentine Pringle
Studio Cast (1971)
June Bronhill, Freddie Williams, Julie Dawn, Fred Lucas, Rita Williams
Studio Cast (1988)
Karla Burns, David Garrison, Paige O'Hara, Robert Nichols, Nancy Kulp

Demos & Pre-Production Recordings

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Original Authors

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Lyrics (for "Bill")...
Source Material...

Later Contributors

This list represents writers who contributed to revisions, etc. following the original production.
Translation (French)...
Script Editor...

GENRE: Musical Play


Source Material

Based on the novel by Edna Ferber.


An epic musical revealing life behind the scenes on a show boat. Magnolia falls in love with Gaylord, a river gambler, and leaves her father's show boat to marry him in the 1880s. Years of heartbreak return her to the show boat in the 1920s.

Alternate Titles

Showboat (alternate title)

Trivia & History

When a huge cache of musical theatre scripts, scores and orchestra parts were discovered in Warner Brothers' warehouse in Secaucus, NJ in 1982, among them was a great deal of material for Show Boat. Historian Robert Kimball, who was hired to catalog the discovery, later in a New York Times article, "No one conceived that so much Kern material had survived. [snip] There were 11 boxes, including thousands of pages, and more than 200 manuscripts written in Kern's own hand. Among them were many original manuscripts for Show Boat."

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