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Original Broadway Production (1973)
New York, NY
Touring Revival (1984)
London Production (1985)
London, England
Equity Library Theatre Revival (1989)
New York, NY
London Revival (2008)
London, England
Broadway Revival (2015)
New York, NY
National Tour (2016; announced)

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Studio Cast (9999)
Studio Cast (9999)
Studio Cast (9999)

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GENRE: Musical Comedy


Source Material

Based on the novella by Colette and the 1958 MGM film


Gigi is a free-spirited teenaged girl living in Paris at the turn of the 20th century. She is being groomed as a courtesan in her family's tradition. Before she is deemed ready for her social debut, she encounters the bon vivant bachelor Gaston Lachaille, whom she captivates as she is transformed into a charmingly poised young lady.

Alternate Titles

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Trivia & History

Non-English language versions of Gigi include:


  • F/Philips B 76 461 (M) (Export: Columbia WL-158)
  • S/MGM E-3787 (M)

Stage version:

  • G/Fair Play FP-2001 (S)
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