The Beggar's Opera

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Studio Cast Recordings

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Studio Cast (1951)
Robert Carroll, Alan Hewitt, Emile Renau, Philip Bourneuf, Frank Maxwell
Studio Cast (1963)
Elsie Morison, Zena Walker, John Cameron (ii), John Neville, Monica Sinclair
Studio Cast (1981)
Kiri Te Kanawa, James Morris (i), Joan Sutherland, Angela Lansbury, Alfred Marks
Studio Cast (8888)
William McAlpine, Ronald Lewis, John Frost, Mary Thomas (ii), Doreen Murray

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Music (adaptation)

GENRE: Ballad Opera

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Peachum, a thief catcher, deplores the fact that his daughter Polly is marrying the famous highwayman, Macheath. He arranges for Macheath to be arrested and imprisoned at the prison run by the corrupt wardon, Lockit. Macheath tries to escape by enlisted the help of Lockit’s daughter Lucy and promising to marry her. His plan is complicated when Polly comes to try and save him. Thus, Lucy and Polly end up in an inevitable rivalry. Right before Macheath is to be hanged, the Beggar (who narrates the opera) is persuaded by the player to provide a happier ending.

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Music by various composers ranging from simple folk songs of the period to sophisticated art songs.

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