The Threepenny Opera

Goodman Theatre Production (1970)


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Musical Numbers

  • Act One

  • Ballad of Mack the Knife .... Street Singer
  • Mr. Peachum's Morning Hymn .... Peachum
  • Instead-Of Song .... Peachum & Mrs. Peachum
  • Wedding Song for Poor People .... The Gang
  • Pirate Jenny or Dreams of a Kitchen Maid .... Polly
  • Cannon Song .... Macheath, Tiger Brown & The Gang
  • Wedding Song for Poor People (reprise) .... The Gang
  • Love Song .... Polly & Macheath
  • The Ballad of Sexual Dependency .... Mrs. Peachum
  • The Uncertainty of Human Conditions .... Polly, Peachum & Mrs. Peachum

  • Act Two

  • Polly's Farewell Song .... Polly & Macheath
  • The Ballad of Sexual Dependency (reprise) .... Mrs. Peachum
  • The Procurer's Ballad .... Jenny & Macheath
  • The Ballad of Pleasant Living .... Macheath
  • Barbara Song .... Lucy
  • Jealousy Duet .... Lucy & Polly
  • What Keeps Mankind Alive? .... Macheath, Mrs. Peachum & Ensemble

  • Act Three

  • The Song About Inadequacy .... Peachum & Beggars
  • Song of Solomon .... Jenny
  • Call from the Grave .... Macheath
  • Ballad in Which Macheath Asks Everyone for Forgiveness .... Macheath
  • The Riding Messenger .... Ensemble

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Production Info

PREVIEWS: unknown
OPENING: October 16, 1970
CLOSING: unknown
LENGTH OF RUN: 40 perf.
RUN TYPE: Limited

Location Info

MARKET: Regional
LOCATION: unknown


VERSION: Blitzstein Adaptation


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