Guys and Dolls

Original Broadway Production (1950)

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Nicely-Nicely Johnson...
Benny Southstreet...
Sarah Brown...
Arvide Abernathy...
Harry the Horse...
Lieut. Brannigan...
Nathan Detroit...
Miss Adelaide...
Sky Masterson...
Big Jule...

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Musical Numbers

  • Act One

  • [Overture .... Orchestra]*
  • Opening (Runyonland) .... Ensemble
  • Fugue for Tinhorns .... Nicely-Nicely, Benny and Rusty Charlie
  • Follow the Fold .... Sarah, Arvide and Mission Band
  • The Oldest Established .... Nathan, Nicely-Nicely, Benny and Ensemble
  • I'll Know .... Sarah and Sky
  • A Bushel and a Peck .... Adelaide and Hot Box Girls
  • Adelaide's Lament .... Adelaide
  • Guys and Dolls .... Nicely-Nicely and Benny
  • Havana .... Ensemble
  • If I Were a Bell .... Sarah
  • My Time of Day .... Sky
  • I've Never Been in Love Before .... Sky and Sarah

  • Act Two

  • [Entr'acte .... Orchestra]*
  • Take Back Your Mink .... Adelaide and Hot Box Girls
  • Adelaide's Lament (Reprise) .... Adelaide
  • More I Cannot Wish You .... Arvide
  • The Crap Game Dance .... Ensemble
  • Luck Be a Lady .... Sky and Crap Shooters
  • Sue Me .... Adelaide and Nathan
  • Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat .... Nicely-Nicely and Ensemble
  • Follow the Fold (Reprise) .... Mission Meeting Group
  • Marry the Man Today .... Adelaide and Sarah
  • Guys and Dolls (Reprise) .... Entire Company

* Song titles in brackets indicate songs that weren't listed in programs but are included here for completeness sake.

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Trivia & History

Vivian Blaine nearly walked out of the audition. In a 1959 radio interview, she stated that before she could get the words "Thanks a lot, Frank" out of her mouth, Loesser asked her to stay and played her "Adelaide's Lament".

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Production Info

PREVIEWS: unknown
OPENING: November 24, 1950
CLOSING: November 28, 1953
LENGTH OF RUN: 1200 performances on Broadway; Additional performances in Washington, D. C.
RUN TYPE: Open-ended

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MARKET: Broadway


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