Girl Crazy

Original Broadway Production (1930)

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Cast Highlights

Danny Churchill...
Molly Gray...
Kate Fothergill...
Slick Fothergill...
Gieber Goldfarb...
Tess Parker...
Lank Sanders...
Patsy West...
Eagle Rock...
Sam Mason...

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Musical Numbers

  • Act One

  • Overture .... Orchestra
  • Bidin' My Time .... The Foursome
  • The Lonesome Cowboy .... Cow Punchers
  • Could You Use Me? .... Molly & Danny
  • Broncho Busters .... Dundeens & Cowboys
  • Barbary Coast .... Molly, Tess, Flora & Chorus
  • Embraceable You .... Molly & Danny
  • Goldfarb! That's I'm! .... Gieber, Slick & Ensemble
  • Embraceable You (reprise) .... Kate & Danny
  • Sam and Delilah .... Kate
  • I Got Rhythm .... Kate & Chorus

  • Act Two

  • Entr'acte .... Orchestra
  • Land of the Gay Caballero .... Ensemble
  • But Not for Me .... Molly & Gieber
  • Treat Me Rough .... Slick & Chorus
  • Boy! What Love Has Done to Me! .... Kate
  • When It's Cactus Time in Arizona .... Molly & Chorus
  • Finale .... Entire Company

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Trivia & History

Two roles (June and Chesty) were eliminated during rehearsals. They were to have performed the song "Are You Dancing?".

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Television Performances

Tony Awards (4/23/1972)

PERFORMER(S): Ethel Merman
SONG(S): I Got Rhythm
NOTES: This performance was part of a medley performed by Ethel Merman before she was presented with a special Tony Award.

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Production Info

PREVIEWS: unknown
OPENING: October 14, 1930
CLOSING: June 6, 1931
LENGTH OF RUN: 272 perf.
RUN TYPE: Open-ended

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MARKET: Broadway


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